The 'Solarator', is a trailer-mounted, 600 Wp capacity, solar PV power generator ideally suited for remote locations and as an emergency power source. Being The first such product developed in India, the big advantage of the Solarator is that it is a truly  "Green" power device.

The 'Solarator' was developed taking into account the need for an immediate response in emergencies and to provide a clean, green source of power at remote loactions. The conventional method of providing electricity in remote areas or places where natural disasters have brought down grid power is to use portable diesel fuelled power generators. The disadvantage with such gen-sets is that they are noisy, emit smoke which harm the environment and require regular supplies of diesel which may be difficult to transport to the affected area.

The 'Solarator' avoids these problems since it directly converts sunlight into electricity and, therefore, does not need any fuel. It does not emit any effluent waste and operates silently since no moving parts are involved. This makes it ideal as a power generator for camps in forest areas since wild life is not disturbed.

The power generator itself consists of two high efficiency solar modules, each of which can generate 300 Watt of electricity. The modules utilize mono crystalline silicon cells which convert sunlight into electricity. During transportation, the modules are folded compactly and at the site, unfolded to capture the sun light.

The generator mounted on a two-wheeled trailer, weigh only 415 kg which makes it easy for the system to be hauled or even air-lifted to remote places. A completely sealed water proof compartment at the bottom of the trailer houses all electronics and electricals, to avoid any short circuits or water damage. This compartment also has space for luggage/camping equipment which needs to be carried along.

A 300 ampere-hour,SMF battery bank is used to store the power generated. The battery bank offers 24 V DC output which can be converted  to 230 volt AC using an Inverter. The inverter can also be used to recharge the battery via the mains, if charging from the sun is not possible due to overcast skies in the daytime. Plugs provided on the side enable the power to be conveniently tapped for any use.