Are you interested in working for a technology-driven company? Are you ready to take your next step up the career ladder? Accelerate your career and grow with HHV Solar.

We have some of India's best PV scientists, engineers and equipment manufacturers on our team.

HHVST provides an ideal work environment for all its employees, giving them the space and encouragement to develop their capabilities and talents. We are committed to continuous innovation and development of new solar technologies to meet future energy needs. Our full-fledged R & D Centre provides continuous upgradation support, exploring ways to increase product life-span, efficiency and energy yield.


We believe that continuous innovation is impossible without knowledge assets; knowledge enables anticipation of customer needs. We believe that knowledge leverages the capabilities of an organisation which is an important factor for coping up with all kind of changes - personal, professional, industrial or global.

We believe, and bank on, the skills and potential of our staff. In the fast changing environment of the high-tech solar industry, our's is a working atmosphere of integrity and teamwork - encouraging and challenging our technical and commercial managers to be at their best-supported by first-class training and coaching.

Work Culture

Learning and Development
In-house training is a very important focus at HHVST. For us, it is one of the practices which allow employees to bridge the knowledge gap with the external world; continuous upgradation of skills; break down the creative process into several steps; look at a problem from the perspective of the customer and get the creative chemistry right between the team members.

We conduct review sessions for the improvement of technology, performance, quality-control methods, safety education etc. Special training programmes are also conducted regularly.

Rewards & Recognition

Personal growth and career development are logical consequences and personal performance will always be rewarded.

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